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The Journey Of Tomorrow

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

I have seen the golden walls of Jerusalem and walked barefoot up it's mount of olives

I have seen the peaks of Mount Fuji and felt its ravaging typhoons against my very skin.

I have seen the ancient hills of the Appalachians and drank the sweet waters of their rivers

I have seen the snowy mountains of America's West and slept under the stars of its sandy deserts

I have seen the far stretching bush of the Outback and was humbled by it's dangers

I have seen the oceans of this world and swam with aquatic creatures whose form seems almost alien.

I have seen the many crystal springs whose legends gave inspiration to immortal life.

I have seen the riches that great men and women have amassed and the poverty they have left in their wake

I have seen the pain of war and the anger which caused it.

I have seen countless temples and read the scriptures written within them.

Yet, no matter how much of this world I see, I still cannot see tomorrow.

And to me that is the greatest journey yet.


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