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What Is VC Writing

With a lifelong passion for the written word, I have developed an exceptional talent for transforming ideas into compelling narratives that resonate with readers across genres and industries. My mother, an esteemed writer and Language Arts educator, gifted me with a rich and immersive upbringing in the world of writing.


This foundation has allowed me to flourish both personally and professionally, using my skills to deliver impactful messages in academia and outside of it. During my service in the Marine Corps, I honed my ability to produce technical, official, and confidential documents, mastering the art of precision and attention to detail. In addition to my military experience, I have dedicated hundreds of hours to academic writing, both through university studies and personal pursuits.


Over the past two years, I have also expanded my expertise by working as a Prompt Engineer for artificial intelligence systems. This unique experience has enabled me to refine my writing skills and develop a deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies involved in crafting narratives that engage and inspire. By applying this knowledge to my work, I offer a distinctive edge that sets me apart from other writers in the field. Using AI as a tool rather than a replacement is integral to the future of the wrtiing field, much in the same way the calculator revolutionized mathematics for the everyday person, so has A.I and language models for Humanities.


While you can get a decent article generated from an A.I. it is the questions and prompts being given to it that really push it into another level. As a dedicated student at Flagler College, I am actively pursuing degrees in Political Science, International Studies, Women's Studies and Religion. During my time here I have created articles spanning from Space Governance to talks on Abdul Ghafar Khan, translating and reading ancient scripts like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Babylonian Kings lists and other writings through history. My love for writing is unwavering, and I am committed to using my talents to benefit those in need of exceptional content.


Introducing Van Clief Media:

Van Clief Media is an innovative collective of creative minds, focused on establishing a network of interconnected companies that foster diverse collaboration in the rapidly evolving market landscape. Our forward-thinking approach allows us to not only adapt to the challenges posed by emerging technologies like blockchain and Web3 but also thrive amidst societal paradigm shifts. We are committed to supporting each other's personal endeavors, leveraging our collective wealth of experience to produce industry-leading content. By uniting our talents, Van Clief Media is poised to navigate the future of media and communication with agility, creativity, and unparalleled expertise.

The border wall in Palestine and Isreal, Hummus not walls
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