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What Is VC Writing

My name is Jake Van Clief, Van Clief Writing is my company, and I want to write for you.

I have spent the better part of my life surrounded by the pen and paper. My mother, an amazingly intelligent writer and teacher of the Languages Arts for well over 2 decades, gave me a childhood and even adult hood immersed in writing. I have used it as a tool both personally and professionally throughout the years. During my time in the Marine Corps I delved into the world of technical, official and confidential writing. I have spent hundreds of hours writing for academia both through my universities as well as personal writings. Even to this day I am actively pursing studies in Political Science and Journalism at Flagler College here in Florida. I love writing, I wont stop, so I figured the best way to use this love is to give my time to those who need it.




One of the greatest issues modern media faces, especially in politics and war, is that of mistrust in the information or even further 'blind trust'. The arguments that spread not only from biased or extremely inaccurate information has created massive divides within people around the globe. 


The fix of this issue would seem complex yet stems from one main problem. The focus of modern media should be on that of first hand stories. As of writing this, I just got back traveling through the west bank, Upper Egypt and Jordan in the Middle East doing interviews and research on the people in the coffee shops, the political scientist, the farmers, any person willing to talk with me. I truly wanted to observe it all my self to write a story on the current state of that part of the world for my website and anyone willing to read it. Every day was eye opening, yet the biggest shift in perspective was the understanding that the people I was speaking with, the people who felt like they did not have a voice could be given one through writing. Through simply being there to listen and let the world know.  


That experience made me want to figure out ways to keep doing that and more importantly help others to do it with me. 

That's where this website comes in, will be a hub for journalists, truth seekers and readers to not only observe but be a part of the spread of information in this media age. 


To go a step further I wanted to incorporate the block chain. 

This was, and in some ways still is, my burning question is, how? 


One step is to create a transparency in payments.


Following where the money goes usually tells you the bias of an article or company. By laying out our payments/contributors for each story we would create a transparency of not only our stories but the companies or organizations that contributed to our projects. 


On top of this, these stories will be very sought after, I refuse to make any story be blocked by a pay wall or even subscription.


However another step of incorporating the block chain dimension of this market is use of a token as a pseudo 'access card', VC art tokens(NFT's), to allow access to interviews or speak with the writers of each story would allow for great community outreach, a platform for NFTs and allow for the readers money to go where they want it to go within the company. This communal control of some of the companies assets through the block chain would allow for even more transparency and a "decentralized" form of an LLC. 


The goal of this company is the pursuit of freedom in information. A place where any group, any people, any company can reach out to and have a story done in any country, any environment. A community of journalists and writers who will cross the ends of the earth to understand it more, and share that understanding with the world. 


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